Laughter is the best medicine... for us, not so much for our enemies.



  • Zombie Horde
  • Golem Gang
  • Skull Legion


  • DMT Cartel
  • Wolf Pack


  • Speed and agility: As a result of their Cheetah DNA, the Laughing Legion is incredibly fast and agile, allowing them to move quickly on the battlefield and outmaneuver their enemies.
  • Strength and endurance: The hyena DNA in the Laughing Legion gives them incredible strength and endurance, allowing them to take on opponents larger than themselves and fight for long periods of time without getting tired.
  • Intelligence and strategy: The Laughing Legion is not just a mindless fighting force; they are intelligent and strategic in battle, using their cunning to outwit their enemies and find weaknesses in their defenses.
  • Loyal and disciplined: The Laughing Legion is fiercely loyal to Caleb Lockjaw and their fellow legionnaires, which makes them disciplined and focused on their goals.
  • Adaptability: Due to their unique hybrid DNA, the Laughing Legion is highly adaptable to different environments and situations. They can operate in a variety of terrains and adapt their tactics to suit the needs of the battle.
  • Hysterical laughter: The Laughing Legion's laughter can briefly disorient their enemies, giving them a momentary advantage in battle.


While the Laughing Legion is a formidable force on the battlefield, they do have their weaknesses.

  • Limited range: The Hyena Form's strength lies in close combat, and they are not as effective at long-range attacks. They may struggle against enemies with ranged weapons or those who are able to keep their distance.
  • Pack mentality: The Hyena Form is highly reliant on their pack for support and coordination. If their pack is disrupted or eliminated, they may become disorganized and vulnerable.
  • Vulnerability to fire: The Laughing Legion's fur is highly flammable, which makes them vulnerable to fire-based attacks.
  • Limited versatility: While the Laughing Legion is highly skilled in close combat, they may struggle in situations that require more flexibility or versatility. They may be outmaneuvered by more agile opponents or overwhelmed by enemies with more diverse abilities.

Warfare Use

The Laughing Legion, being a powerful faction of hybrid hounds with exceptional speed, ferocity, and intelligence, would likely be used in a variety of warfare situations.

  • Reconnaissance: The Laughing Legion's speed and agility would make them perfect for scouting and reconnaissance missions. They could quickly cover large distances and gather intelligence on enemy movements and defenses.
  • Ambushes: The Laughing Legion's ferocity and sharp claws and teeth would make them a deadly force in surprise attacks and ambushes. They could quickly overwhelm enemy troops and cause chaos and confusion.
  • Guerrilla warfare: The Laughing Legion's ability to blend in with their surroundings and move quickly would make them ideal for guerrilla warfare tactics. They could strike quickly and disappear just as fast, making it difficult for enemies to track them down.
  • Siege warfare: The Laughing Legion's strength and endurance would make them useful in a siege situation, where they could break through enemy lines and take control of key positions.

Favorite Treats

  • Collar bone from a DMT Ape & Hound
  • Beef Jerky from the Wolf Pack


Behold, my greatest creation - the Hyena Form. A breed of hounds unlike any other, with the strength of hyenas and the speed of cheetahs. They will be the ultimate warriors in the Otherdeeds.

-- Caleb Lockjaw

The OGs, led by the ruthless Cheetah King, were known for their high-level heists and cunning tactics. They had a network of informants who provided them with valuable information about potential targets. The OGs were also known for their loyalty to each other and would do anything to protect their own. The Mutants, “leaderless” were the muscle of the gang. They were feared for their raw strength and tendency to go all-out during a heist. The Mutants were also known for their impulsive behavior, often causing chaos wherever they went. Despite being rivals, both chapters still maintained a sense of respect for each other. They knew that if they ever needed each other’s help, they could count on their former comrades. However, as time passed, the rivalry grew stronger, and it seemed that one day they would clash in a violent showdown. The Mutants had an idea to ask their informants of any known scientist that could create a new life form for them and help them in the events that they needed it. It wasn’t long before the informants brought to the Mutant’s attention that a scientist by the name of Caleb Lockjaw was experimenting on Mutant Hounds, and they decided to pay Caleb a visit.

Caleb Lockjaw was a renowned scientist, mostly known for his hound breeding techniques, who had become increasingly fascinated by the idea of creating hybrid creatures. He spent years experimenting with different animals, trying to find the perfect combination of traits. One day, Caleb was visited by the Cheetah Gang, who were interested in his work, and so asked him to show them his latest project - a batch of hounds that he had mixed with hyena DNA. The Cheetah Gang were impressed by the ferocity and strength of the hounds, but they had an idea to take the experiment further. They suggested that Caleb mix the DNA of the hounds with theirs, to create a new breed of hound with the speed and agility of they possessed. Caleb was hesitant at first, but he saw the potential in the idea and agreed to the experiment. For months, Caleb worked tirelessly in the Pit, mixing the DNA of the hounds and the Cheetah Gang. Finally, a new breed of hounds emerged - the Hyena Form, named for their resemblance to the wild hyenas of the Otherdeeds. The Hyenas possessed incredible speed and agility, as well as razor-sharp claws and teeth. They had strength and endurance of the Cheetah Gang. They were able to adapt to the different environments of the Otherdeeds. Most importantly, they were loyal to Caleb and the Cheetah Gang. They saw themselves as a living testament to the power of hybrid creatures.

As time passed the Cheetah Gang realized the potential in the Hyenas. Their speed and agility could be used to generate additional income to the Gang and thus they entered in agreement with them. The Laughing Legion, with its unmatched speed and agility, was the star of the racing circuit. The Cheetah Gang would organize secret races in abandoned warehouses and back alleys, where wealthy spectators could place their bets on the outcome. It wasn't long before the races became the hottest ticket in The Otherdeeds, attracting both the rich and the desperate. The Gang would take a percentage of the betting pool and use the rest to finance their criminal activities. Caleb Lockjaw reveled in the success of his creation and the power it brought him. But as the races grew more popular, so did the attention of law enforcement. The Gang had to be careful not to attract too much attention or risk getting shut down. Despite the risks, the Cheetah Gang continued their underground racing, always looking for new ways to make the races even more thrilling for both the Hounds and the spectators.

We may be bored and mutants, but we know greatness when we see it. Those hyena hounds will make us even more powerful. We'll be unstoppable with them by our side.

-- Cheetah Gang

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